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Infrared Energy Loss Survey Online Training & Certification

Hours: 32 | Type: Distance

Designed to help you expand your thermal testing business to incorporate infrared energy loss surveys, this course will give you the training and information you need to provide those services to your customer base. Energy loss surveys can be a lucrative source of incremental income, and this service will help your clients pinpoint and solve energy losses in their homes and other buildings. Helping your clients to understand the sources and severity of energy loss using state-of-the-art equipment will make them happy, save them money and increase your bottom line. Energy loss results in higher utility bills, personal discomfort, and can potentially lead to structural and air quality problems due to the moisture accumulation that can occur in certain areas. To remediate insulation problems, seal air leaks, provide evidence of damages due to poor workmanship, improper installation, or use of substandard materials when the building was constructed, a professional infrared energy loss survey report can be of invaluable service.

This course exhaustively and comprehensively covers the use and operation of infrared cameras, how to properly conduct thermal energy surveys, and how to prepare, write and deliver a professional infrared energy loss survey report to a client. There are many different types and ways in which energy can be lost from a building; you will be taught the processes for investigating and positively identifying these, including: insulation deficiencies, bypasses, air infiltration, thermal bridging, and HVAC system problems. It is recommended that you have received a previous Level 1 Thermographer certification, but it is not required to take this course. An infrared camera is not needed to take this course.

Prerequisites: Level I Thermographer Certification OR twenty four course hours in thermography fundamentals OR equivalent thermography fieldwork experience.

PITI's infrared energy loss survey course is designed to be taken entirely online from a computer or other Internet-connected device, and provides an outstanding wealth of knowledge in an infrared training package for a reasonable cost. Written concisely and precisely for ease of understanding, the thermal training material in this course is accompanied by numerous examples, video clips, and periodic practice exercises to aid your familiarity with the material.

Among numerous other things, you will learn how to:
  • Differentiate between missing or inadequate insulation versus problems with air infiltration and moisture.
  • How to locate and seal many thermal bypasses that siphon energy from buildings during hot and cold seasons.
  • Ways to avoid false infrared temperatures that can result from emissivity and reflectivity of building materials
  • Ways to improve the quality of a thermal image by understanding resolution, palette, range, and image contrast
  • Create infrared energy loss survey reports that document conditions, make recommendations, and use post-processed radiometric images.
Interactive flash cards and practice quizzes are used extensively throughout the lessons and will allow you to quickly put your new-found knowledge to the test with instant feedback. You may take a break at any time; the course is self-paced and our secure course system records your progress so that you may easily resume where you stopped.

A quick-start DVD, included with the course material, will help guide you and give you tips in starting a successful infrared business, or expanding your current business to include energy loss surveys. Easy-to-use infrared energy loss survey report templates and a useful, recommended pre-survey agreement is also included to help you begin surveys right away. As always, our toll free support is available to help you get started or answer any questions you may have, even after you've completed the training. After you have learned the material, completed the course and passed the final comprehensive exam, you will receive your Certified Infrared Energy Surveyor certification and will be armed with the knowledge, skills and acumen needed to start a full or part-time business, or alternatively to expand your existing infrared survey business.

This course is provided by the Professional Infrared Training Institute (PITI),
a separate division of our company. Visit the PITI website for full details.

What You Will Master:

  • Adjusting and using a thermal imaging IR camera
  • Preparing a site for an infrared energy loss survey
  • Moving an area into transition and establishing Delta-T
  • Defining the scope and limitations of the survey
  • Methods for conducting a thermal energy loss survey
And much more!

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Package Includes:

  • Course CD-ROM
  • Online Course Access 
  • Infrared Business Start-up DVD 
  • Tracking via the Internet 
  • Energy Loss Survey Template 
  • Computerized Flashcards & Testing 
  • Toll Free Support 
  • Infrared Energy Surveyor Certification 
  • Free $149 Membership in NAIS, the National Association of Infrared Surveyors.

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