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Continuing Education Approvals

Advanced Home Inspection Course can be used for continuing education credits in Oregon, South Dakota, & Tennessee

Hours: 32 | Type: Distance

PHII's Advanced Home Inspection Course, rated at 32 hours, contains twelve lessons. This course can be used to provide continuing education or exam preparation for home inspectors who have already taken and passed our basic home inspector certification course. When preparing to take the National Home Inspector Examination (NHIE) this course can be of invaluable help. 

Our basic home inspection course teaches you everything you need to know to be a competent home inspector, but each course topic in the advanced course takes a more in-depth look at components you will inspect.
This includes, but isn't limited to,
  • Safety glass requirements
  • electrical current rating systems
  • a variety of structural systems 
In addition, the course is also available as separate 8-hour online modules for continuing education study or credits.

What our students have to say:

"I just wanted to let you know that I scored 634 on the National Home Inspector Examination (500 is passing) and 95% on the state "Statutes and Rules" examination ... I'm very pleased with the course I took from you; it was exactly what I needed to prepare for these tests." 
- Ed, Milwaukee, WI

Advanced Home Inspection Course Materials
In the same vein as the basic home inspection course, you progress through each lesson at your own pace. You will use interactive flash cards, view embedded video clips, and take practice quizzes periodically that will test and verify your knowledge. Simultaneous, instant computerized feedback makes learning the content easier than conventional quizzes or tests. Your quiz results are recorded electronically so you can easily track your progress. When you finish the course and pass the final exams, you will possess the knowledge and skills needed to pass any of the many different exams. You will also feel more confident and informed about all areas of residential home inspection and the systems that work behind the scenes in a home.

What You Will Master:

  • Information typically covered on state and national home inspector exams, including building codes.
  • Potential hazards, covering topics including exterior insulation finish system (EIFS), aluminum wiring, and Polybutylene Supply Piping.
  • HVAC systems - an in-depth, detailed look.
  • Completing professional, concise home inspection reports that conform to national standards.
And much more!

Package Includes:

  • Course CD-ROM
  • Inspection Documents CD-ROM 
  • Tracking via the Internet 
  • Online Course Access 
  • Computerized Flashcards & Testing 
  • Certificate of Completion 
  • FREA Errors & Omissions packet 
  • Companion Video (VHS or DVD) 
  • Toll Free Student Support 
  • Free Membership in NSHI, the National Society of Home Inspectors. - website hosting, credit card processing, and more

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