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This exhaustive Certified Commercial Mold Inspector (CCMI) course is rated at 16 hours and contains information inspecting for mold on commercial property. This includes office buildings, warehouses, retail outlets, shopping centers, apartment complexes, and multi unit properties, among others. Inspecting larger properties is different from inspecting smaller residential ones; you'll be taught how to document your findings and how to price your services against your competitors.

PMII's CCMI course is an important and useful addendum to our residential mold inspection course. This course includes the nationally recognized protocols for identifying mold (and the difference between more and less dangerous species of mold), assessing the damage done by mold infestations, and the proper equipment and procedures for collecting mold samples. If you already have a mold inspecting business either in addition to a home inspection business or as a standalone business, this course will teach you the skills necessary to expand your inspection business to include many different, and larger, types of commercial properties.

Commercial Mold Inspection Certification Course
Interactive flash cards have been demonstrated to help students retain information and perform higher on exams. PMII's course designers have kept this in mind and make us of flash cards as well as regular practice quizzes that test your knowledge. You can easily gauge your own understanding of the content through instant computerized feedback upon grading the quizzes. Our secure system captures and records your results so you can easily track your progress, or continue the course from a stopping point of your choosing. 

Being able to provide your clients with easy-to-understand reports that detail your findings will make your customers happy and will help your professional image. To this end, you can either use the report templates we provide to create reports, or you may purchase inspection report software at a student discount. This software is cloud and browser-based, easy to use and works with desktop PCs, notebooks, Apple devices, tablets, and even mobile platforms such as Android or iOS. 
Upon completion of the course material and passage of the final exam, you will have the credentials of a Certified Commercial Mold Inspector (CCMI) and possess the knowledge and skills needed to add commercial services to your full or part-time mold inspection business.

This course is provided by PMII, a separate division of our company.
Visit the Professional Mold Inspection Institute website for full details.

What You Will Master:
  • The challenges of inspecting multi unit structures
  • Standards of Practice for commercial inspections
  • How and where to find mold in commercial buildings
  • How to complete a report for commercial property

Package Includes:

  • Course CD-ROM 
  • Tracking via the Internet 
  • Online Course Access 
  • Report Templates 
  • Computerized Flashcards & Testing 
  • Certificate 
  • Toll Free Support 
  • CCMI Certification 
  • An Office Building Occupant's Guide to Indoor Air Quality (EPA)
  • Toll Free Student Support 
  • Free $149 Membership in NAMRI, National Association of Mold Remediators and Inspectors.

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