House Framing Course

Fees: $299 | Hours: 45 | Type: Distance | Enroll

Course Topics: House Framing Course
  • Understand the different types of wood framing
  • Foundation construction requirements and techniques
  • Identify the parts of a floor frame
  • Understand why and when joists should be doubled
  • Identify parts of rough window openings
  • Understand outside wall construction techniques
  • The process for installing wall sheathing
  • Construction differences between bearing and non-bearing walls
  • The various framing members used in roof construction
  • Understand the difference between run and span
  • And much more
  • Approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) for 45 Core Hours.
Package Includes:
  • Online Course Access
  • Tracking via the Internet
  • Computerized Flashcards & Testing 
  • Audio/Video Demonstration Clips 
  • Certificate 
  • Toll Free Support 
  • Free Membership in NSHI, the National Society of Home Inspectors.